A native of France, Alain André Moreau moved to America in 1964 after earning an MFA from the School of Decorative Arts in Grenoble, France. He began his career thereafter as a graphic designer and later went on to freelance as an illustrator. He worked for the Los Angeles CIVIC LIGHT OPERA, painted numerous album covers for ANGEL, ABC, PARAMOUNT, UNITED ARTISTS and WARNER BROS. records. He also made countless contributions to NFL PUBLICATIONS.

In 1986 while still doing illustration work Alain started devoting more time to landscape painting, his first love. 

At the end of this period around 1994 his artistic focus returned to the figure concerned mainly with the portrait which has always remained a constant pull in his career.

Starting in the year 2000 an interest in computer graphics led him to experiment with BRYCE 7 PRO. This exploration inspired some abstract work which resulted in an ongoing series of paintings, the CYBERSCAPES.





2001         CAC GOLD MEDAL EXHIBITION | Pasadena, CA

2000        CAC GOLD MEDAL EXHIBITION | Pasadena, CA

1996         THE ARTIST' GALLERY | Santa Monica, CA

1996         LONG BEACH ARTS GALLERY | Long Beach, CA

1989         ROGER T. PETERSON INSTITUTE | Jamestown, NY

1989         ROCKWELL MUSEUM | Corning, NY

1989         NEVILLE MUSEUM | Brown County green bay, WI

1989         COLORADO SPRINGS | Fine Arts Center, CO

1989         BERKLEY GALLERY | Scottsdale, AZ

1988         BERKLEY GALLERY | Scottsdale, AZ

1988         JEFFERSON NAT. EXP. MEMORIAL | St. Louis, MD

1988         PEPPERTREE RANCH ART SHOW | Santa Ynez, CA

1987         PEPPERTREE RANCH ART SHOW | Santa Ynez, CA

1977         SONY CORPORATION | Tokyo, Japan




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